Fanning Flames now on sale!

The day has come – Fanning Flames is now available to buy online! Once again, apologies for the wait but I hope you enjoy! Any reviews on Goodreads or Amazon are gratefully received.

You can read the first two chapters online for free.

Paperback – Fanning Flames
Paperback – The Firesouls Duology
Hardback – Fanning Flames
Hardback – The Firesouls Duology
Ebook – Fanning Flames
Ebook – The Firesouls Duology

Ebook – Fanning Flames
Ebook – The Firesouls Duology

Paperbacks coming soon

Ebook – Fanning Flames
Ebook – The Firesouls Duology

Paperbacks coming soon


Also coming soon, paperbacks and ebooks on:




Fanning Flames release date

Covers are done, final proof copies ordered… Fanning Flames will be going on sale in the first week of December!

Ebook: £3.49 (tbc)
Paperback: £10.99
Hardback: £14.99

Plus, if you’ve never quite got round to reading the first – good news! A combined duology will also be released on the same date containing both Kindling Ashes and Fanning Flames in one volume.

Ebook: £5.49 (tbc)
Paperback: £12.99
Hardback: £16.99

If you live in the Gloucestershire area and can arrange pickup, I will be doing a bulk order of both of the above books prior to Christmas – look out for a pre-order form in the next few days to buy at a special reduced price.

Thank you for your patience! Just a couple more weeks to wait until you find out what happens next for Giselle, Baltair, Corran & Frang!


Release date!

The day is here! Kindling Ashes has been available for a little while now but it’s officially release day!

Sixteen years have passed since dragons were supposedly wiped out – but their hibernation is over. For a teenage gold smuggler with a voice in her head and the youngest son of a dragonslayer, life will never be the same again.

“A highly imaginative fantasy of remarkable vision and premise.”

“Made me want to slip into the book as one of the characters.”

– Goodreads reviews

Buy a copy now! Click forward to your preferred retailer (note the hardback is only available from to keep the price down).

amazon com amazon-logo barnes     Kobo

Or, purchase a signed copy directly!

For anyone arriving at this page hearing about Kindling Ashes for the first time, it is a fantasy novel that won’s Wrimo Accelerator competition run in conjunction with NaNoWriMo 2013. It is the first of a 2-book series, ‘Firesouls’, following the lives of Giselle and Corran in a world where dragons are struggling to escape extinction. You can read the first two chapters for free here, or explore this website to find out more about the book or author.