Fanning Flames & Duology now available on Amazon, B&N and Kobo

You can now buy both Fanning Flames and the full Firesouls duology from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo! That’s both the paperback and ebook, or you can get the hardback directly from 


Don’t forget you can read the first two chapters online for free.


Fanning Flames now on sale!

The day has come – Fanning Flames is now available to buy online! Once again, apologies for the wait but I hope you enjoy! Any reviews on Goodreads or Amazon are gratefully received.

You can read the first two chapters online for free.

Paperback – Fanning Flames
Paperback – The Firesouls Duology
Hardback – Fanning Flames
Hardback – The Firesouls Duology
Ebook – Fanning Flames
Ebook – The Firesouls Duology

Ebook – Fanning Flames
Ebook – The Firesouls Duology

Paperbacks coming soon

Ebook – Fanning Flames
Ebook – The Firesouls Duology

Paperbacks coming soon


Also coming soon, paperbacks and ebooks on:



Pre-order Fanning Flames

If you live in the Gloucestershire area, now is your chance to pre-order Fanning Flames! I will be putting in a bulk order on the 5th December and you have the opportunity to buy a copy of any of my books at a reduced price – £3.49 off the usual RRP + postage (Lulu postage is £2.99 for paperbacks & £4.99 for hardbacks).


Just fill in the form below before the 5th December and you are guaranteed to receive it before Christmas. I will contact you to arrange pickup or drop-off once I have a firm arrival date.

Pre-order has now ended.

Fanning Flames release date

Covers are done, final proof copies ordered… Fanning Flames will be going on sale in the first week of December!

Ebook: £3.49 (tbc)
Paperback: £10.99
Hardback: £14.99

Plus, if you’ve never quite got round to reading the first – good news! A combined duology will also be released on the same date containing both Kindling Ashes and Fanning Flames in one volume.

Ebook: £5.49 (tbc)
Paperback: £12.99
Hardback: £16.99

If you live in the Gloucestershire area and can arrange pickup, I will be doing a bulk order of both of the above books prior to Christmas – look out for a pre-order form in the next few days to buy at a special reduced price.

Thank you for your patience! Just a couple more weeks to wait until you find out what happens next for Giselle, Baltair, Corran & Frang!


Magic Al’s Circus goes to school

When 9-year-old orphan Izzy hops on the last wagon of the circus passing through town and persuades the ringmaster to let her stay, she has no idea what she’s let herself in for. Featuring brawling clowns, misbehaving pixies and a dragon who can’t breathe fire, this is officially the worst circus EVER. As she battles stage fright and faces booing audiences alongside her new partner Smokey, Izzy stumbles upon a snooping inspector who threatens to shut the circus down. She’s not about to let him send her back to the orphanage, so she sets out to make the medicine that will cure Smokey’s fire-breathing issues and blow the inspector away.

On Thursday 4th July I had another visit into my old primary school to talk to Year 4 about one of the two stories I have been working on recently; a chapter book about an orphan who runs away with a magical circus. It’s been in the works for about a year and is now at the stage that it’s gone through quite a few beta readers and after some feedback from my target audience, I’ll be sending it out to agents.

I talked through the very basic journey of what it takes to get a book published:

  • Idea
  • Plan
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Beta readers
  • Send to agent

It’s something that no one really tells you when you’re a kid who wants to grow up to be an author. I also very much enjoyed receiving a question about whether Magic Al’s Circus was a “girls’ book” or a “boys’ book” and shot down the entire concept, emphasising how they could read whatever books they wanted to.

Once Magic Al’s Circus is sent off to agents and my current YA fantasy novel Curse of the Rohkai has been edited and is with beta readers, I shall be returning to Fanning Flames. Thanks to the discovery of beat sheets as a way of planning a story’s structure, I have finally worked out what to do with Giselle’s ending – the coming war with Ikjor is not going to be the only cause of battles!