My BEA experience

At the end of May I had a whirlwind trip to New York. As the final part of winning Lulu’s Wrimo Accelerator competition, Kindling Ashes was featured in Lulu’s booth at Book Expo America.

I arrived on Wednesday 28th and since I didn’t have a ticket for the Thursday, spent most of the day wandering – Union Square, Chinatown, Little Italy. I’ve been to New York before so I tried to avoided too much rushing around to save energy for BEA. I did however make a point to visit the Strand – it’s a giant 2nd hand bookstore just south of Union Square. I spent a good hour in there getting lost in books, there’s some great bargains to be found as well as old books to ogle at.

Jason Segel at the Children's Author Breakfast

Jason Segel at the Children’s Author Breakfast

I’d bought a ticket to the Children’s Author Breakfast so I turned up at the Javits Center at 8am for that on Friday. Jason Segel was predictably funny relating how he grew up with nightmares that a witch would eat his toes that inspired his debut kids’ book. It was also interesting to hear that Jeff Kinney is a computer programmer as well as author, and is opening his own indie bookstore (hello new item on bucket list).

BEA entrance

BEA entrance

Stepping into the exhibit hall for the first time is completely overwhelming. I just picked a direction and walked because I had no idea what else to do. There are so many stalls to look at, a whole autographing section at the back and lots of smaller stages around the edges of the room where they had panels. I wandered a little to get my bearings, planned out a few events to go to and then set off exploring for real.

I’ve recently been reading Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series so I was very excited to find her there. It took about two hours of queuing but I got a signed ARC of Heir of Fire! I’ve never had access to ARCs before (advance reader copies) – I’d never even heard of them until I started trying to get reviews for Kindling Ashes – but I like the concept a lot. I also went to a panel about worldbuilding and found Scott Westerfeld and his new book there! I’d seen it advertised online (it’s about a girl who gets a publishing contract after writing a novel for NaNoWriMo) but had no idea I’d be able to get it at BEA. The panel itself was interesting too, seeing how different authors approach worldbuilding and the varying amounts of planning they do.

worldbuilding panel

Worldbuilding panel

I went to’s booth near the end of the day to record a couple of promotional videos (which I apologise for, I write instead of vlog for a reason) and then I headed back to hostel… but not for long! I went to Books of Wonder in the evening because Garth Nix and some other YA authors were signing there, and got my ARC of Clariel signed! I loved the Old Kingdom series when I was younger and this was the book I was most eager to get from BEA.


Autographing area

Saturday was even crazier than Friday, which I didn’t think was possible. But BEA opens to the public for one day of “BookCon” and as great as it is to see so many people excited about books and authors, you could hardly walk through the exhibition hall at the start because it was so crowded. I spent quite a lot of the day at UPublishU because of that. It’s a self-publishing conference going on at the same time as BEA. I signed some books at Lulu’s booth, got a professional headshot taken thanks to Kobo, went to a couple of talks. One panel about marketing a series was really informative. They had some massive indie authors there who discussed just how much it was picking one blade of grass at a time to get a following. You’re never going to get success overnight and even when you do have readers you have to keep working at the grassroots level. Also good tip: the importance of the page after the story ends!

I finally got to meet some of the other Wrimo Accelerator winners on Saturday! I’d missed them the day before because of being stuck in the Heir of Fire queue when we were meant to have lunch. We’d been in contact beforehand after winning the competition but it was great to put names to faces (and faces to books) finally.

In the evening a few of us met again, as well as some local NaNoers and Grant Faulkner (director of NaNoWriMo). Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long because I flew out of JFK at 10pm to get back to London on Sunday for work on Monday. It was a short trip, but the best experience. If you ever get the chance to attend BEA/Bookcon, or any other similar event like London Book Fair, please do – you won’t regret it. Personally, I’m looking forward to attending the YA Lit Con in London in July as part of LFCC. I’ve caught the bug now 🙂



A few updates here – I got back from Book Expo America on Sunday and had an amazing time there. I shall be posting about my experience with pictures and all soon, but I am so glad I went. I got to meet two of my favourite authors (Garth Nix & Sarah J Maas), got a load of free books, met several of the other Wrimo Accelerator winners and had my first signing experience!

signing winners

I’ve also recently got an update on what’s been happening with Kindling Ashes. Turns out the reason it hasn’t appeared on Amazon/Barnes & Noble yet is because there was a problem with the batch it was sent over with. This has now been resolved and it should be there within a week… keep a look out!

Somewhat related to this, I am moving house this weekend and I will have no internet access except at work from Saturday until Wednesday. Therefore the earliest official release date will be next Thursday 12th June because I want to be online enough to promote it – however if you’re watching you might spot it before I make the announcement.

That’s pretty much it, but here’s a couple of links where Kindling Ashes/I have been featured:

Kindling Ashes is on TV Tropes! I believe this is thanks to Brian Wilkerson who wrote a review for Kindling Ashes a little while ago.

I talk about writing on Lulu’s blog Including a video of me… that I pretend doesn’t exist…

Book Expo America!

This time next week I’ll have just landed in New York City! It’s been three years since I was last there and it’s one of my favourite places, but I’m most excited about the reason I’m going there – BEA 2014!

I’m attending on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st and although most of the time I’ll just be exploring for myself, you can also find me at Lulu’s booth:

4-5pm Friday 30th: Lulu’s main booth at BEA – #1457. I’ll have plenty of free bookmarks to hand out that I can sign if you want, and I’ll be very happy to talk about Kindling Ashes as well as my experiences with self-publishing so far.

11.30am-12pm Saturday 31st: Lulu’s booth in UPublishU, the self-publishing conference taking place alongside BEA. There I’ll be signing copies of Kindling Ashes, but since I have to bring them all myself there will be limited copies – get there early to make sure you get one!

I believe you’ll also be able to find details of Kindling Ashes at Lulu’s booth throughout the event but I don’t know any details of that.

For the rest of the time I’ll be wandering and attending panels. I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s attending BEA, UPublishU or BookCon!

Waiting game

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but that’s because there’s not much going on. The book is on its way to Amazon/B&N etc. and has been for about 3 and a half weeks now, and it can take anything from 2-8 weeks for it to show up. I google the ISBNs every day but no luck yet.

In the meantime, I’ve been working a bit on a possible prequel novella I’m considering serialising on Wattpad as well as a brand new story idea. I’ve written snippets of it but still in the process of planning. There’s also a giveaway running on Goodreads this week that’s going pretty well – find it here for a chance to win a signed hardcover, themed magnet and a bookmark. Should be getting some reviews coming through soon so look out for those for a sneak preview of what others thought.

BEA is fast approaching. I’ll have more details on specific times soon but I know I will be at Lulu’s booth in the main hall on Friday 30th, and signing a limited number of copies at their booth in the UPublishU conference on Saturday 31st. 

That’s all for now. Hopefully the next time I post it will be with links to buy!

Giveaways, release plans & book trailer

Lots of things going on at the moment. Last weekend the 2nd paperback proof arrived and I approved it, so that’s currently on its way to Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. for processing. That normally takes 4-8 weeks but lately it’s apparently been moving faster so it could be as little as 2-4 weeks. The hardback has also been done although it will be available exclusively through Lulu to keep the price down. Ebook is in progress. I won’t announce the release date until all formats are available to buy so it’s possible you might be able to hunt down a buy link before I’ve actually announced anything.

Three teaser trailers have now been released and can be found on my youtube channel – the final book trailer will be finished and posted up later today.

And finally, I’ve started doing giveaways. The one running right now is on Tumblr and can be found here (deadline 3rd May 2014, 7pm BST). I will also be running giveaways on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads in the coming weeks, all of which will give you the chance to win a signed hardback as well as a bookmark and magnet, so keep an eye out for those. I will probably also run smaller giveaways for signed paperbacks in a few other places, most likely after the release date.

All these release plans shall culminate in the last weekend of May at Book Expo America where I will be signing copies of my book as well as giving out free bookmarks. More details on when & where to find me at BEA will be posted closer to the time.