Fanning Flames release date

Covers are done, final proof copies ordered… Fanning Flames will be going on sale in the first week of December!

Ebook: £3.49 (tbc)
Paperback: £10.99
Hardback: £14.99

Plus, if you’ve never quite got round to reading the first – good news! A combined duology will also be released on the same date containing both Kindling Ashes and Fanning Flames in one volume.

Ebook: £5.49 (tbc)
Paperback: £12.99
Hardback: £16.99

If you live in the Gloucestershire area and can arrange pickup, I will be doing a bulk order of both of the above books prior to Christmas – look out for a pre-order form in the next few days to buy at a special reduced price.

Thank you for your patience! Just a couple more weeks to wait until you find out what happens next for Giselle, Baltair, Corran & Frang!



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